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Cosmetic Dentistry - Bonding, Veneers, Whitening

Dental Treatments to Fix Damaged Teeth and Tooth Discoloration

Cosmetic Dentistry deals with the appearance of teeth. Common cosmetic dental treatments include: whitening, bonding, or veneers.

Bonding is the covering of a tooth surface to correct stained or damaged teeth. The tooth color restorations can be done in the anterior (front) and posterior (back) teeth. Bonding repairs fractures, cavities, or chips.

A Veneer is a thin layer of restorative material placed over a tooth surface, either to improve the aesthetics of a tooth, or to protect a damaged tooth surface. Veneers are used in anterior (front) teeth for improved aesthetics. Many veneer procedures can be done with the use of little or no local anesthetic.

We offer at home whitening using convenient, easy to use bleaching trays. This allows the patient to control the procedure comfortably and at their own pace and to whiten and brighten their smile without the harsh increased sensitivity associated with in office treatments.

Dr. Tartaglione has provided Woodbury Heights, NJ and surrounding areas with cosmetic dentistry services since 1990.

Smiling woman, showing cosmetic dentistry work done by Robert Tartaglione DDS