Dr. Robert Tartaglione - Advanced General Dentistry for Adults and Children
992 Mantua Pike, Suite 101, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097

Dental Services Offered by Dr. Tartaglione's Office Include:

Preventative Dentistry  

Preventative dentistry deals with the preservation of healthy teeth and gums, and the prevention of dental caries and oral disease.

Restorative Dentistry  

Restorative dentistry is the study, diagnosis and integrated effective management of diseases of teeth and their supporting structures.

Periodontal Dentistry  

Periodontics deals with diseases of the supporting structures of the teeth, including gums, tissues, and bones.

Cosmetic Dental Services & Whitening  

Cosmetic Dentistry deals with the appearance of teeth. Common cosmetic dental treatments include: whitening, bonding, or veneers.

Tooth Extractions  

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth that is non-restorative.

Dental Emergencies  

Dental emergencies can often arise with little or no warning.