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Dental Savings Plan

Out-of-pocket dental cost can be expensive. And dental treatments are often a necessity rather than a luxury. In an effort to keep dental costs down for your family, Dr. Tartaglione has created an In house Dental Savings Plan that is available to all patients who are without the benefit of dental insurance.

 Easy Enrollment

 Great for those without dental insurance

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Plan Benefits

 No Pre-Authorization Required
 No Waiting Periods or Pre-Existing Exclusions
 No Annual Limits
 No Deductibles
 Cosmetic Dentistry Included
 Discounted Dental Fees

Coverage Includes

 Periodic Exams (two per year) 100%
 Limited Exams (Emergency Exams) 1 per yer
 Cleaning (two per year) 100%
 Full Mouth Series (one per 5 years) 100%
 Bitewings (one set per year) 100%
 Periapical (1st film and 2 add’l per year) 100%
 Fluoride (one per year) under 16 years 100%
 15% off all other dental procedures

Yearly Membership

 1st Family Member $390 per year (an initial savings of $74/year)
 Additional family members $340 per year (an initial savings of $124/year)
 Payment Annual or Semi-Annual
• Can be billed to your credit card on file
• Yearly membership cost subject to change based on annual office fee schedule